SFDW: Risograph Poster

Last Wednesday our risograph posters arrived at the office in a beautiful French Paper box and in plenty of time for Active Ingredients' San Francisco Design Week event!

Erik at We Are Constance in New Orleans was very helpful in getting this poster printed and mailed to us in time. We love how they turned out.

Since I've never done risograph printing, I was nervous to see how the color laid down. I didn't know exactly how much mixing would occur and if the red would overtake my yellow. I was also nervous about the opacities I was using. The couch ended up the exact color I was hoping for. I had wanted the blue "sky" a little lighter but it turned out pretty close. We used French Paper Speckletone Madero Beach, Cover 100 for the posters. I love the off white, the slight speckle in the paper combined with the texture you get from the risograph printer.

Overall, I really couldn't be happier with how this project turned out and I'm excited to play with using photography and more color overlap in future risograph projects. 

Active Ingredients' San Francisco Design Week event is tomorrow and we're in the final planning phases — painting signs, hanging work, finalizing delicious taco counts. Can't wait to hand out the poster tomorrow and get people's reactions.