Beginning with Bergamot

Want to see more writing? (and some sweet food photography too)

I started a blog called Beginning with Bergamot. It's a tea blog with recipes, reviews and pairings + practical tips on comfort, happiness and living a balanced lifestyle.

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Bridging the Gap Between Self-Identity and Consumerism: A Pinterest Love Story

It’s 9:26pm. I’m sitting on my couch, tea in hand. I open my browser and as if without thinking my mouse finds its way to a deeply joyful place. Within a moment I’m instantly transported to a wonderful world of patterns and colors, of amazing smells and ingenious ideas that go on for miles into the ether. A dress. A home. A quote.  

Perhaps you know this place too. Yes, we’ve entered the world of Pinterest.

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The Game

**Note: This blog post was originally written in October 2011 for a previous personal website

What exactly about sports gives it an immeasurable value?

It’s a proxy for real life but better. It renews itself. It’s constantly happening in real time. There are conflicts that seem to carry real consequences but at the end of the day don’t. It’s war where nobody dies. It’s a proxy for all our emotions and desires and hopes. I mean heck, what’s not to like about sports?
Stephen Dubner, Author of Freakonomics

There aren’t many nights of baseball that unfold like a big screen movie, where the plot of the night ebbs and flows in synchronicity between the games. As one team leads in Tampa, another trails in Baltimore, and then the plots twist. You’re hooked to that ‘back’ button, because the possibilities of the night are endless and it seems that just when you think you have things locked down — they shift. I’ve been thinking about games, sports and baseball a lot lately and after watching the final day of regular season baseball for 2011, I can finally add it all up — what makes baseball the best, what sucks you in and keeps you there.

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The Things in Our House

**Note: This blog post was originally written in January 2011 for a previous personal websit

The things in our house were always old. We’ve had the same brown couch since I was born. The same red rotary phone sits in my parent’s room, though used much less frequently. We have the same electric mixer and had a wood-paneled television until at least 2005. I suppose we were an, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” family. But, as a young child, I resented my parents for not updating their outdated furniture and kitchen supplies — at least once a decade!

The little designer in me yearned for sleek, modern couches in a bright color, which of course my mother would hate. I wanted more Eames — less little house on the prairie. And because I couldn’t have this, I tried the best I could to at least make my sanctuary filled with colors and shapes not so reminiscent of a neighbor’s garage sale. I chose bright, bold colors for my room. I hung square mirrors from Ikea in patterns on the wall and simply rejected anything that looked, “old.”

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Why I chose not to go to art school

When I was in high school I had to make a decision: Should I go to an art school or a traditional 4 year college? I knew I wanted to study graphic design and I knew there were valid programs regardless of the path I chose.

I ultimately decided I didn’t want to restrict myself to an art-only education, and that choice played a major role in shaping me as a designer. In fact, it provided the foundation for the way I think about what a great designer is today:

A great designer has more than just formal art skills and training. A great designer is a great thinker with the drive to learn and discover.

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7 Things I Would Tell a Design Graduate

Since the end of school is just around the corner, I thought I would contribute to the seemingly endless articles detailing the list of things graduates should know. I hold the following to be true:

1. Social skills are just as important as hard skills

Your design skills will only get you so far. No one wants to work with someone they don’t enjoy being around. So, when you're in an interview keep in mind that your personality and how you would fit into the company culture is as important as your portfolio itself. Be yourself and show who you are.

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Risograph Printing: Take One

I've been exploring the world of Risograph printing for a personal project I've been working on recently. I'm planning on designing a birthday postcard to both explore a new medium and also to spread the design/birthday love with friends and family who wouldn't normally see my work up close and personal. (More on this project to come)

As I was looking into Riso printing for this personal project it occurred to me it would be a great medium for an internal design project at work as well. For San Francisco Design Week, Active Ingredients is hosting a design mixer — it's the first Design Week event to be held in Marin as far as we know and we're pretty excited about that. So, we're planning on printing a poster for our SF Design Week event using this new medium. Even though we're a web-focused agency, we value exploring other design mediums and this was the perfect opportunity.

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